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Throughout the centuries Christian women and men have often joined together on pilgrimage, journeying in search of the loving presence of God in their lives. On the road as pilgrims, they have come to know themselves as sinners, but have as well experienced themselves as sinners, but have as well experienced themselves called to be companions of Jesus. During this week, retreatants will be invited to travel together as pilgrims in companionship with Jesus, guided by the major themes of St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises. Retreatants meet as a group for a conference each morning and Liturgy of the Eucharist each evening.
TBA May 10-17, 2019
Fee: $600.00

A directed retreat invites us to be especially attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit within an atmosphere of solitude and silence. Regular meetings with an experienced director provide opportunities for talking about one’s prayer in order to discern how to continue to listen carefully to what God is saying in my life. Scripture and life experience provide the primary material for prayer.
Eight-Day Retreats
October 5-12, 2018
February 18-25, 2019
June 21-28, 2019

July 12-19, 2019

July 29-August 5, 2019

August 19-26, 2019
Fee: $600.00


Take care
and be earnestly on your guard
not to forget
the things which your eyes have seen,
nor let them slip from your memory
as long as you live,
. . .teach them to your children
and your children’s children.
Deuteronomy 4:9
Let us go to the place where the past has gathered – the house of memory. John O’Donohue calls this place a temple. Jesus says he will prepare a place for us where we will remember and be remembered by God.
Using our hearts, our memories and themes of retreats past, let’s find the seeds and green shoots of our soil to reach toward the future together.
Maureen Steeley, SU

This is a week set aside for those wishing to make a private retreat. We welcome you to an atmosphere of silence and contemplation enhanced by God’s creation on the banks of the Hudson. The Liturgy of the Eucharist will be celebrated daily in the sacred space of the Linwood chapel. Bring your own materials for retreat or use the resources of the Linwood library. Massage will be an option as well as the use of the pool.
May 10-17, 2019 Fee: $600.00
August 12-16, 2019 Fee: $375.00

Rest your mind, relax your body and rejuvenate your soul with yoga, prayer, laughter, fun, massage and nature.
We explore prayer, poetry and spirituality through yoga, meditation, gentle movement and dance. Body awareness exercises, breathing techniques and gentle yoga postures will be offered daily as well as time at the beautiful Olympic size pool, walking by the river, exploring the grounds, the Labyrinth, space for reflection and/or sitting on the patio gazing at the amazing Hudson River. Periods of silence offer participants the opportunity to reconnect to their heart and deeper knowing. The yogic lifestyle involves living more mindfully and holistically in every aspect of our lives. We will inquire into what brings joy and delight into our hearts, examine the ways we pray and connect with Spirit and how we can experience Spirit present each moment in our daily lives.
This retreat welcomes beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a journal and a mat.
Nancy Plumer July 5-9, 2019
Karen Suppies Fee: $490.00

Often times we recognize patterns that make up our lives. Quilters sew pieces together that grow into beautiful patterns that then are made into coverings which provide warmth, comfort and memories to those who use them. This time together will provide both prayer opportunities that will nourish us as we sew and converse together as well as quiet time for reflecting on our own life patterns. We will work on a community quilt, as well as our own creations of quilt pieces, knitting, crocheting, etc. No sewing machines allowed – we are celebrating the gift of our hands!
Mary Isaac Jogues, SU August 6-10, 2019
Fee: $370.00